As part of our preview of the 2016 season, Paul and I picked the over/under for each team based on Vegas lines and compared that to PECOTA's projection on Episode 43 of the podcast. We also asked you to join in on the fun and play the game with us. The scoring works this way; if you took the over on a team with O/U of 80.5 and they win 90, your score is 9.5. But, if that same team only won 70, your score is -10.5. Each participant's overall total is all of their 30 teams added together.

If you're not on the leaderboard, feel free to check out the full standings.

Congrats to Bertil S! It was an absolutely incredible performance, as he maintained his lead from April through September. As you can see, the Twins' lack of wins helped many of the highest scorers (and hurt the lowest). Other teams that missed the mark by a wide margin: Diamondbacks (13.5), Rays (13.5), Rangers (10.5), and Cubs (10.5). Of the 46 entries, 29 had positive scores. PECOTA came in at 9th with a very respectable score of 46. It correctly predicted 19 of the 30 teams. Thanks for playing and to everyone not named Bertil, better luck next year.

Updated October 3, 2016 3:00 PM CT

PlayerScoreBest Prediction
Bertil S103Twins (+19.5)
Tim P64Twins (+19.5)
Joseph S63Twins (+19.5)
George C60Twins (+19.5)
Hunter W59Twins (+19.5)
PlayerScoreBest Prediction
PECOTA46Twins (+19.5)
Paul13Twins (+19.5)
Peter-18Diamondbacks (+13.5)