Baseball is here! And more importantly, that means the over/under game is back. It seems as though everyone is an expert this time of year. Somehow we convince ourselves that we are better at predicting baseball outcomes than everyone else. Well, AFITB is putting that to the test for the third year in a row. To see how the results ended in 2016 and 2017, click here and here.

Think you know more about baseball than us? You probably do. But go ahead and prove it anyway. Here's the link to our contest. We explain the scoring system over there. At the end of the year, we'll buy the winner a baseball of his/her choosing (within reason, people).

If you have questions, please let us know. You can tweet at us (@afootinthebox), email us (, or simply comment on this post. Good luck!

If you're interested, here are the links to the Bovada lines and predictions from FiveThirthyEight and PECOTA.

Team: O/U538PECOTA
Marlins: 64.5OverOver
White Sox: 68OverOver
Tigers: 68.5UnderUnder
Padres: 69.5UnderOver
Royals: 71.5UnderUnder
Pirates: 73OverOver
Orioles: 73UnderUnder
Reds: 73.5UnderOver
Braves: 74.5OverOver
Athletics: 74.5OverUnder
Phillies: 75.5OverOver
Rays: 77.5OverOver
Rangers: 77.5OverUnder
Mets: 81UnderUnder
Blue Jays: 81PushUnder
Giants: 81.5UnderOver
Mariners: 81.5UnderOver
Rockies: 82UnderUnder
Twins: 82.5OverUnder
Brewers: 84.5UnderUnder
Angels: 84.5UnderUnder
Cardinals: 85.5OverUnder
D-backs: 85.5UnderOver
Red Sox: 91.5UnderUnder
Nationals: 92.5OverUnder
Cubs: 94.5OverUnder
Yankees: 94.5OverOver
Indians: 94.5OverOver
Dodgers: 96.5OverOver
Astros: 96.5OverOver