April 10, 2017: Sam Miller's guide to enjoying baseball

One of our favorite writers at A Foot In The Box is ESPN's Sam Miller. Last Friday, he wrote an excellent piece entitled "Hot to enjoy baseball" that I got around to earlier today. Make sure to give it a read yourself, but I'll list a few tips that Miller offers up for baseball novices looking to enjoy baseball:

  • How to watch baseball: don't watch baseball
    • Don't feel like you have to watch all 500 hours of baseball this year. Start small, listen on the radio, and catch a game or two in person.
  • What to watch when you do watch: the catcher's mitt
    • Don't be intimated by the number of players and rules. Stick to the catcher's mitt at first and delight or despair in a pitcher's ability to hit a target with a tiny ball thrown amazingly fast.
  • Whom to watch: the relievers
    • "Learn their names. Learn their dimensions. Learn what they throw. Learn their failures; they're almost all failed low-round picks or washed-out starters who have found some degree of fame, wealth and usefulness in the bullpen, baseball's loser's bracket."

After week one of the 2017 MLB season, the Twins, Orioles, and D-Backs are flying high with only one loss each. Obviously a good start is better than a bad one, but beware of jumping to any conclusions. Last year, the Reds were 5-1 and atop the NL Central after the first week of the season...that didn't turn out so well for them.

This week's podcast is an instant classic. We sat down with a couple great guests to talk Cubs and White Sox. And Peter talked with a few random Royals fans while he vacationed in Kansas City. If you haven't listened already, be sure check it out.