Contenders' Weaknesses: Do they even matter?

As I wrote last week, it does seem like having a quality bullpen is helpful in making it to the World Series (or at least it has been in the last 5 years). Of the eight teams that have made the World Series in the last four seasons, all but one had a better than league average bullpen. 

This week, I'd like to expand that research a bit and look at the last decade plus of World Series teams and see if it's possible (or likely) for a team to reach baseball's pinnacle without being a "complete" team.

In the last 14 seasons (as far back as the defensive data will allow), 10 teams have won a World Series while ranking in the lower 3rd of their respective league. Below you'll see the team and it's weakness (x-axis), along with their ranking (y-axis).

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