A Foot In The Box: What to Expect

Hello baseball friends! Thanks so much for visiting our website and looking around a bit.

Paul and I gave a more in-depth explanation of "A Foot In The Box" on our first podcast episode (web, iTunes), so check that out if you're interested. To sum up what we said there, "A Foot In The Box" is a way for us to talk about the great game of baseball with each other and invite you in on that conversation. We hope our content is engaging, informative, nostalgic, and unique.

The main content we produce will be driven by the podcast. "A Foot In the Box" will be a weekly podcast ranging from 25-40 minutes. We'll have regular segments we do every week, but also try to mix it up with guests, random thoughts, and of course, friendly brother bickering.

This website hosts that podcast and this blog. You can expect 3-5 posts per month on the blog, with most of the content coming from something Paul and I discussed on the podcast.

Feel free to interact with us on Twitter: Paul, Peter, AFITB. Baseball is better when you do it together (too cheesy?).


"If you build a baseball website/podcast, they will come." - Shoeless Joe Jackson