Episode 16 (7.20.15)

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This week's episode includes:

  • An All-Star week (and #BaseballBrocation) recap
  • The Normal Cornbelters selling their soul to Pete Rose
  • Has the strike zone gotten bigger?
  • Update from our 4-year-old correspondent
  • Stat of the Week: BB% (17:14)
  • Sounds of the Game: Kirk Gibson Walk-off (10/15/1988) (22:28)
  • Baseball Profile: Mike Trout (27:23)
  • Ump or No Ump (35:12)

Mentioned in this week's episode:

Paul's Article: "Pete Rose at the Corn Crib: Next Stop, the All-Star Game" (Dan Barry)

Peter's Article: "Baseball's strike zone has expanded, and hitters aren't happy" (Alex Speier)

Stat of the Week: Walk Rate (BB%) (Fangraphs)

Sounds of the Game: Kirk Gibson Walk-Off (10/15/1988)

Baseball Profile: Mike Trout (Wikipedia, Grantland, ESPN Radio)

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