Episode 2 (4.13.15)

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This week's episode includes:

  • A special shout out to one of our listeners
  • Paul talking about taking naps
  • MLB television ratings on Opening Day
  • Stat of the Week: ERA (12:03)
  • Throwback Box Score (20:47)
  • Baseball Profile: Matt Bush ( 24:26)
  • Celebration of National Sibling Day (29:42)

Mentioned in this week's episode:

Paul's article: From print edition of Sports Illustrated Nap Time (Matt McCarthy)

Peter's article: Very Ealry Verdict: MLB Pace of Play Has Picked Up (Scott Boeck)

Stat of the Week: Earned Run Average (ERA) (Wikipedia)

Throwback Box Score: Red Sox - Rockies (October 27, 2007)

MLB.com ranking of baseball brothers (Lyle Spencer)

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