Episode 49: This Episode Is Dedicated to the Mamas

This week's episode includes:

  • Paul talks about baseball by himself for seven minutes (11:30)
  • Listener email: White Sox attendance (19:45)
  • Out of the Box: The next Roy Hobbs, Robo umps in the 1950s (24:00)
  • TWTW: Teams with a .700 winning percentage (35:00)
  • Sounds of the Game: Alex Cora vs Matt Clement (42:45)
  • Interview: Rian Watt (50:30)
  • Bottom of the 9th (1:02:22)

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Mentioned in this episode


Aruna website: ArunaProject.com

Rob Neyer (New York Times): Baseball's Naturals: There Goes Yet Another Roy Hobbs

Richard Sandomir (New York Times): An Electronic Umpire? Baseball Tried It (In the 1950s!)

Sounds of the Game: Alex Cora 18-pitch at-bat

Rian Watt: Twitter, BP Wrigleyville

Paul's Name: Cuckoo Christensen

Our next book: The Only Rule Is It Has to Work (Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller)

LunchMoney Lewis: Mama

Destiny's Child: Say My Name

Intro Song: Nelly, St. Lunatics: Batter Up