Episode 52: Fernando

This week's episode includes:

  • Out of the Box: Taxpayers paying for stadiums, Making OBP honest (14:24)
  • TWTW: Luckiest and unluckiest players in 2016 (23:26)
  • Sounds of the Game: Fernando Valenzuela (28:25)
  • Memorial Day Trade Deadline Game (40:06)
  • Bottom of the 9th (45:03)

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Mentioned in this episode


ABC 5 Cleveland: Indians try to boost attendance

Craig Edwards (Fangraphs): Braves, Rangers Indicate No End to Publicly Funded Stadiums

Patrick Dubuque (Baseball Prospectus): Make OBP Honest

TWTW: Who's Hitting The Ball Harder This Year, And Who's Just Getting Lucky?

Sounds of the Game: Fernando finishes his no-hitter

Paul's Name: Cletus Poffenberger

Destiny's Child: Say My Name

Abba: Fernando

Intro Song: Nelly, St. Lunatics: Batter Up