Episode 59: Baseball Prospectus' Rob Mains

This week's episode includes:

  • Current Events: All-Star week, Trade Deadline buzz
  • Listener email: Bryant vs. Sale
  • A new segment: Switch Hitter (19:23)
  • Out of the Box: Anti All-Stars, What's up with Billy Beane? (24:28)
  • TWTW: Lights out reliever or above average starter? (35:48)
  • Sounds of the Game: David Cone's perfect game (43:55)
  • Interview: Rob Mains (50:53)
  • Bottom of the 9th (1:08:42)

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Mentioned in this episode


Cliff Corcoran (Sports Illustrated): Anti-All-Star Team

Rob Neyer: Not Enough Cooks: Has the Vaunted Oakland A's Front Office Become Too Insular for Its Own Good?

Switch Hitter: Arrested Development

Home Run Derby livestream: AFITB Youtube page

Sounds of the Game: David Cone's perfect game

Rob Mains: Twitter, Baseball Prospectus

Paul's Name: Joe Rabbit

Destiny's Child: Say My Name

Intro Song: Nelly, St. Lunatics: Batter Up